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Services - consulting
Utilising know-how of employees, the laboratory offers the following consultant and advisory services :

-   consulting in order to avoid EMC problems;

-   support of electric device design according to EMC standards;

-   modification of devices in order to suppress emission and improve susceptibility of them;

-   consulting of inquires EMC components (eventually their borrowing);

-   design of methodology for non-standard EMC measurements;

-   expertise services in EMC area;

Part of the laboratory is also simulation workstation allowing numerical modelling of EMC problems related to electromagnetic waves propagation in environment.

This workstation is equipped with high-efficiency computer (2x Intel XEON 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, high-density hard-disks SCSI a SATA)) and software NEC to modelling electromagnetic fields using Method of Moments. By means of this method, it is able to model fields near by line wires as well as area structures and solve the majority of EMC problems.

Except this software, the workstation has bought university licences of software FEKO (based on method of moments in co-operation with physical optics and/or UTD) and FLOEMC (based on Transmission Lines Method). However, their using is limited for research activities of laboratory as a university workstation.
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